Herbed Salt is My New Solution!

Herbed salt is my new solution to several of the recurring dilemmas of fall. I love it when the air turns crisp, the sky seems especially blue, and streets are lined in yellow, orange, and red. It means it’s time to think about bringing in the plants, my plans for the holidays, and whether to rake the leaves or compost them.
fall leaves

I decided a few years ago that I wasn’t good at finding a place to put all the pots of herbs inside the house without things feeling haphazard, crowded, or me feeling just plain annoyed. Of course I don’t want to waste any tasty leaves, but it just doesn’t work very well for me to try to preserve the plants over the winter. I feel better all the way around starting over each spring so I allow myself the luxury of buying new plants when the weather turns warm.

Before I let the stems wither, I must face the dilemma of what I will do with those last lovely green leaves as we approach the first freeze of the year. Luckily, I had lunch with my friend Angele this week who mentioned that she used the last of her basil to make basil salt. Thanks Angele! I think you just solved a couple of problems.

Not only can I make basil salt, I can make rosemary salt, sage salt, thyme salt, parsley salt, mixed herb salt, lemon thyme salt, oh yeah. This sounds fun. All I need is some cute containers and these will make great holiday gifts or stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, and holiday party gifts.
cute containers

Perhaps you’re needing a similar solution. If so, here’s how easy this is:

Herbed Salt
1/3 cup tightly pack herb leaves
1 tbsp of a 2nd herb
1/3 cup kosher salt

Place herbs and salt in food processor and pulse for a few seconds. Spread the mixture in a baking pan lined with waxed paper. Dry at room temperature for 24 hours or bake at 225º for 15 minutes, stir and bake an additional 15 minutes. Cool and pulse again. Store for up to 4 months.

What a great way to use the last of this year’s herbs and get a head start on the holidays. I love it when a plan comes together.

Have a fall solution you want to share? Tell us in the comments below.

Author: Cheri Thriver

Hello, Cheri Thriver here blogging about cooking, thriving, and the intersection of the two. I’ve been living a gluten-free lifestyle for over 15 years. I understand that it’s rarely a lack of knowledge or the availability of appropriate food that keeps us from making healthy choices. More often than not, it’s an emotional connection, previous trauma, or fear of social reprisal that keeps us stuck. My wish is that you’ll find something here that informs, entertains, or inspires you to change anything that needs to be changed for you to live fully and thrive.

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