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We’re so glad you found your way to “In Thriver Words”, the blog published by Cooking2Thrive®! Both cooking and thriving are at its core. Like our upcoming website, the blog is here to support, educate, and motivate you when you have to follow a specific eating plan to be healthy. You’ll see a new post here about once a week, so come back and see what’s new! Occasionally, when we feel really inspired we’ll post something more often.

Our frequent inspiration, motivation, and social support posts can also be of use to you if you eat a regular, non-restricted diet. In these posts, we examine topics like: how to deal with the fear that holds us back from positive change, our relationship to tradition, ways to incorporate small steps that move us toward thriving, unconventional measures of success, and how to be kind to ourselves. If you are struggling, you’ll be sure to want to read these posts.

We also feature cooking and travel tips. Some of these are related to a gluten-free way of living. Some deal with hypoglycemia, eating heart healthy or being diabetes friendly. We’ll often give you menu ideas or recipes. Sometimes we’ll tell you about a great dining experience we’ve had.

We’d love to know what you have to say, so we invite you to comment often.

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Standing in the refrigerator feels refreshing.

In case you’re wondering who utters all those Thriver words…that would be me, Cheri Thriver. I’ve been living gluten-free for 16 years and I’m pleased to bring you Cooking2Thrive.

After suffering from an unbearably itchy rash, weakness, joint pain, and digestive issues for years, I gladly made the transition to a gluten-free lifestyle. At the time, gluten-free prepared food was not plentiful so out of necessity I used regular recipes as a guideline and adapted them to create gluten-free and SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) compliant food. Eventually, I was preparing food that gluten-eaters raved about without realizing it was gluten-free.

My sons James & Ben also embraced the lifestyle. A few years later, we realized we didn’t feel deprived. We rarely felt whiny. The lifestyle wasn’t limiting our travel–we’d all just met in Phoenix to go skydiving. It wasn’t keeping us from entertaining–I was having friends over after work every other Friday and James was hosting movie night at his house every week. We felt okay about throwing away any GF convenience food that wasn’t up to par. Our friends felt comfortable when they joined us in restaurants or fed us at their homes. We were all healthy. We realized we were thriving!

We also knew we could teach you the lessons we had slowly learned about ourselves, about healing, and about living within specific boundaries, so that you can quickly begin to thrive in spite of a restricted diet. That is why we’re here.

We are pooling our talents to create a website that upon its full launch will provide video in the form of a cooking show and interviews with experts; original chef-tested recipes; and lifestyle support products for anyone who must follow a specific eating plan–heart healthy, diabetes-friendly, gluten-free, Crohn’s disease friendly, etc.–in order to be healthy.

We hope you’ll join us on a journey to becoming the healthiest you possible while having lots of fun!

Cheri Thriver, James Honaker, Ben Honaker

If you would like more information on Cooking2Thrive, contact us at support@cooking2thrive.com

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