Cabbage, Cabbage, Cabbage

Cabbage, cabbage, cabbage. That’s not really the word I wanted to type, but it’s the one I’ll go with. Maybe I’m thinking about slaw. I have some pork butt ready to cook very slowly until it falls apart in my BBQ sandwich…covered in slaw.

Whatever the reason, I seem to have cabbage on the brain. I have some Brussels sprouts in my refrigerator. They look like tiny cabbages. Let’s talk about them.

As a kid, I hated Brussels sprouts. Now, I love them. Most of the time, I keep them simple, blackened in a cast iron skillet. But sometimes, I switch things up a bit.

I get excited when I can find wax beans. Put them with Brussels sprouts and carrots then add a Thai chili kick. You’ve got a great side dish!

Wax Beans and Carrots with Brussels Sprouts
Serves 6

1 lb fresh wax beans
3 carrots
1 cup baby Brussels sprouts
8 slices bacon
1 medium yellow onion, thinly sliced
5 cloves garlic, peeled
1 red bell pepper, thinly sliced
2 Thai chili peppers, chopped
Salt and pepper to taste

Clean and prepare wax beans by removing stems and strings if present. Wash carrots and slice in eighth inch thick rounds. Wash the Brussels sprouts. Trim off ends with a paring knife, and then score the stem end with a small crosscut. Remove any loose leaves.

Boil wax beans in lightly salted water for approximately 10 minutes. Add carrots and continue to cook for 4 minutes. In a separate pan, boil Brussels sprouts in salted water for 5-10 minutes depending on size. Remove vegetables from heat and drain.

Fry bacon in 4 quart sauté pan until crisp. Remove bacon and drain on paper towels. Once drained, crumble the bacon.

Add onion and garlic to the bacon drippings in the skillet. Sauté onions until clear. Add peppers and continue to cook for 3-4 minutes. Remove the garlic and add the wax beans, carrots, and Brussels sprouts. Cook for 5-7 minutes. Salt and pepper.

Top with bacon crumbles and serve hot.

I guess a more appropriate title than Cabbage, Cabbage, Cabbage could be Brussels, Brussels, Brussels, but then you might expect a travelogue.

Confusion aside, I’ll leave you with this recipe. Hope you enjoy!

Author: Cheri Thriver

Hello, Cheri Thriver here blogging about cooking, thriving, and the intersection of the two. I’ve been living a gluten-free lifestyle for over 15 years. I understand that it’s rarely a lack of knowledge or the availability of appropriate food that keeps us from making healthy choices. More often than not, it’s an emotional connection, previous trauma, or fear of social reprisal that keeps us stuck. My wish is that you’ll find something here that informs, entertains, or inspires you to change anything that needs to be changed for you to live fully and thrive.

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