Who Is Cooking2Thrive?

Cheri Thriver

I hope you'll join me in the kitchen!

Cheri Thriver

Writer, cook, recipe & product creator, mother, and grandmother. As a University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences volunteer, I review grant proposals for the Translational Research Institute, serve as an Advisor on the PFCC Hospital Advisory Council, and am a Patient Advisor on the Quality, Experience, & Safety Team. I am certified in Mental Health First Aid.

I started baking apricot cakes and pumpkin bread for my mom to give away when I was 7 or 8 years old and I’ve been cooking ever since. I gardened with my grandmother who taught me to make chili and bake cookies. When James and Ben were small, I began baking homemade bread and rolls. I love playing with flavors.

In 2003, I eliminated gluten from my diet, then subsequently milk and cheese. I now limit foods high in FODMAPs. These limitations provide me an opportunity to be resourceful and inventive. I love that and I love sharing the results of culinary experiments with you!


James Spices

James loves to use exotic spices!

James W. Honaker

Colorist for movies & television, husband, and father of two young boys. I have also worked as a graphic designer, web designer, video editor, and studio equipment consultant. You can find a list of my projects on IMDB https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2421941/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1.

I don’t remember learning to cook, I could just do it.  I see food combinations in my head. I never measure, and I make a mean sweet potato pie.





Ben doing a cooking demo for a chapter of Gluten Intolerance Group


Ben Honaker

Lawyer, husband, composer of the Cooking2Thrive theme song, and father of two children–a healthy boy and a medically fragile girl with Down Syndrome. My daughter has a G-tube (gastrostomy tube) through which she receives food and meds.

I am in the habit of monitoring the protein, fat, and fiber content of all the foods in my diet, but the feeding difficulty we’ve experienced with my daughter has brought a whole new set of nutritional lessons.


2 Comments to “Who Is Cooking2Thrive?”

  1. Where can I get a supply of the small cards listing gluten diet restrictions that can be used in restaurants? I got my cards at a seminar in Little Rock.. I noticed that they the cooking2thrive website on the card. Thanks Barry Ammons

    • Hi Barry,
      Good to hear from you. When our full website launches, you will be able to purchase the Server Cards and other lifestyle support products directly through the Cooking2Thrive® Online Store. For now, you did the right thing contacting us through the blog. You can also email support@cooking2thrive.com any time you have a question or need anything.

      The cards can be ordered in packages of 10 cards with a protective Tyvek sleeve Item #GF-SC-10-N for $2.25 + shipping or in 52 card bulk packs Item # GF-SC-52-N for $7.40 + shipping. Just email cooking2thrive.com with your order. We appreciate your interest in Cooking2Thrive.

      Cheri Thriver

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