Travel Tip #14 – Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

When you’re traveling, there’s no need to cry over spilled milk…or spilled anything when you have some simple supplies on hand. Even if you’re like my boys who pack by throwing clothes in a bag 30 minutes AFTER they’re supposed to have left the house, you can be prepared for the inevitable travel oops. Less than 5 minutes of assembly before you hit the road to grandma’s house for Christmas can make for a more comfortable trip down the road.
paper towels

Whether you’re flying or traveling by car, start with the basic spill reliever – paper towels. Most of us keep a roll around the kitchen. Beginning at the loose end of the roll, tightly roll a section of towels, then put them in a zip top bag. Without the cardboard core or empty space in the center, a generous number of towels take up very little space. The plastic bag can double as a trash bag if you have a large spill and need a place to contain soggy towels.

Campers, backpackers, and duck hunters have used this technique with toilet paper for years. If you’re traveling in a remote area, you may want to include that essential as well. Throw it in your purse when you make a pit stop and you won’t have to worry whether the facilities are well stocked. It can also come in handy if you get stuck in an unanticipated winter storm and need to make a trek away from the car.

This time of year, travel is often accompanied by a runny nose or lingering cough. Tissues to cover your mouth will make your companions feel better about sharing closed spaces with you. Of course you can purchase these in travel packs if you don’t want to make your own. As a matter of fact, you can purchase toilet paper and paper towels in travel rolls as well. These make good stocking stuffers for the frequent traveler who can throw them into the glove compartment of the car and always be prepared.
If you’re a vigilant planner, there are many individually packaged items you may want to carry in your bag – hand wipes, face wipes, eyelid wipes and a variety of wipes for the other end. Whether I’m traveling or just going to lunch and the grocery store, I like to carry eye drops and tooth cleaning pics along with lens wipes for my glasses.
And if you’re a frequent spiller, you may want to top off your supply list with a stain removal pen. I must look like one of these because a grocery store employee recently handed me a free pen while I was shopping in the produce section. Perhaps I had a coffee stain on my shirt, or perhaps she was just being nice. Either way, I am now fully prepared – are you?

If so, there’s no reason to cry over spilled milk. If not, you can be in about 5 minutes. Happy travel and happy holidays!

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