Travel Tip #13 – Don’t Forget to Order Dessert!

Vacation is the perfect time for a little indulgence, so don’t forget to order dessert even if you’re gluten-free! It’s easy to assume that the dessert menu will pose too few options or require too many questions to make it worth your while. That’s an assumption that would prevent you from devouring this delicious Pistachio Nougat that combines a semifreddo, pistachio praline & caramel sauce. The praline added crunch to the light semifreddo making it a satisfying bite and the whipped cream on top took the whole experience over the top.
pistachio nougat

I’ve been traveling for the past few days with friends who love to eat some gluten. Without any extra effort, we found numerous sharable desserts that worked for all of us just by asking to hear the dessert choices. Ah, you skeptics are probably thinking, yeah that may be true in a big city, but not where I vacation.

You may be right, but before you dismiss the idea that it pays to ask the question, I should tell you that we ordered the Pistachio Nougat in a town with a population of less than 4000. Of course, I’ll admit that won’t happen in every restaurant or in every small town, but you get the point.

The next night, in a larger town about 10 miles away, we sampled a Blondie served atop a cranberry compote with a side of salted pecan ice cream and sprinkled with candied pecans. Sunday brunch included gluten-free biscotti and donut holes.

When you eat in locally owned restaurants, you’ll often find tasty gluten-free dessert options right on the menu – creme brûlée, gelato, rice pudding, tapioca pudding, ice cream, panna cotta or macarons. Of course, you’ll always want to verify that their particular recipe doesn’t include some unusual problem ingredient.

While having dessert is not essential to any balanced meal plan, it can add enjoyment to the times you’re away from your regular routine. After Sunday brunch, we refused to even consider dessert because we’d indulged enough for one trip, but I have to say, it was great while it lasted!

Next time you find yourself away from home, don’t forget to order dessert!

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