Bugs are Biting. It’s Time for Payback!

Bugs are biting. It’s time for payback! For the past three weeks, my yard has been full of diggers and dump trucks. Nature has been disturbed and it is lashing out. I cannot go outside without encountering a whole new crop of bugs. This does not make me happy. I know the city will be done with their project in a few days and things will settle down, but right now I’m looking for payback.
That’s where you come in. I’m going to encourage you to get out there and consume some bugs! Take them out of commission. Put them to good use, but get them out of circulation and away from me!

Eating bugs may sound like a far fetched idea around here, but it’s common in many places around the world. And why not? Insects are the most abundant protein source on the planet.

Before you get started on our bug elimination mission, you’ll need to know which bugs are edible. I’m happy to identify a few for you.

Edible Insects

Most grasshoppers and crickets can be eaten and all you need to catch them is your hands. Make sure to cook them so any parasites will be destroyed. Well, stay away from any that are brightly colored. They will make you sick.

Ants can be collected on a stick and then immersed in water and boiled for six minutes to neutralize the acid in their bodies. Having recently been bitten by some ants, I’d say choose your anthill carefully.

Save your fence; eat termites for dinner! Termites can be found in wood, captured, and roasted in a dry pan until crispy. I like crispy crunchy things, but I’m having a problem envisioning this particular crunch.

Stinkbugs are also edible—whouda thunk? You’d think that odor would mean danger, but all you have to do to remove it is soak the bugs in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes. After that, you can cook them by roasting in a dry pan.

I draw the line at scorpions and maggots, but I might consider a dragonfly. The larvae and adults are both edible. They need to be cooked for a few seconds to kill germs, but pulling off legs and wings is optional.

That should get you started. This is not a complete list by any means. I’m not really an expert in this area. That’s why I’m delegating this clean-up task to you. I just want the bugs to go away!