Sometimes You Just Want a Blast From the Past!

When you think about snacks, sometimes you just want a blast from the past! That has to be true or once you’ve tasted Ghirardelli Intense Dark Cherry Tango SQUARES or dried bing cherries covered in rich dark chocolate, there’d be very little reason to crave a Cherry Mash; once you’ve had a Godiva Butterscotch Walnut Truffle, there’d be no reason to want a box of Sno-Caps even though they both have sprinkles. But that’s just not how it is. Sometimes we all crave something we remember from a long time past.

It doesn’t seem to matter that it’s been 40 years since I had my last Banana Fudgesicle®, I still remember how much I loved the creamy coldness in the summer. I still crave original Doritos. They brought them back briefly when my kids were teens. Prior to that, I could never convince them that there had ever been an unflavored version of the popular brand. I also loved to eat Ritz crackers. My favorite number was 6. I’d pull six of them out of the package to enjoy while I read a book in my father’s recliner.

When I was hungry for a snack, Lance snack crackers were often my vending machine go-to. Of course my gluten-free regimen of late has meant an end to that tradition. Now things have changed! If I decide I just can’t live without the familiar slightly tangy, salty cheese flavor of a Lance cheese cracker, I can again indulge.

Lance now offers a gluten-free cheddar cheese bite size sandwich cracker. The cracker portion is buttery and flaky just like the original, and the cheddar cheese flavor tastes just like I remember. Sold in a 5 oz box, the crackers have 150 calories per 12 sandwich serving. I haven’t tried it yet, but there’s a peanut butter flavor available as well.

On a regular day, I’d much prefer homemade, fresh food, but sometimes you just crave a blast from the past. On those occasions, I’m glad to know this option exists. How about you? Have you tried these, or what’s your favorite blast from the past?

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Why Do They Call it Trail Mix Anyway?

Trail Mix

Why do they call it Trail Mix anyway? Why not, Couch Mix, or Desk Mix, or Ziploc® Bag mix? Can’t think of the last time I ate some on a trail or even in a canoe. I did, however, eat some last night – on the couch, of course.

I know, I know, it’s called Trail Mix because it’s easy to carry, easy to store, and has a mix of protein, carbs, and healthy fat that can provide an energy boost when you’re hiking…on a trail. Seems like I remember whole books written about this back in the post-hippie era.

My point is that Trail Mix is so much more versatile than that. We could also call it Desk Mix, Car Mix, Airplane Mix, Yogurt Topping Mix, Quick Breakfast or Quick Dessert Mix. And no matter what we decide to call it, the nutritional content is your choice.

I usually have raw almonds, cashews, or pistachios in the house. I also keep golden raisins handy. Sometimes I throw in raw sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, salted almonds, popcorn, or shredded Parmesan cheese. My favorite combinations have salty, sweet and crunchy.

As a gluten-free person who has to eat at regular intervals, ????? Mix can be a life saver when I travel. Or, like last night, it can be a treat when I feel hungry after dinner. Or, like this morning, it can be a yummy breakfast while I look out the window at this:


Unless I’m going for a quick dessert, I usually leave out the candy. Of course, last night I threw in a few Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Chips I bought for holiday cookies. Don’t judge, it’s the holidays! Just call it Holiday Mix!

I’m thinking of premixing some ???? Mix as gifts. Maybe you can help me. What’s your favorite combination…AND what do you call it?